Want a Faster Running Windows XP Computer?

Then, go for our defrag tool that can perform Windows XP HDD defragmentation with utmost ease!!By any chance are you still using the old Win XP OS and is your system running slow? Do you want to increase its life span thereby reducing its work load by using an actual defrag kit? Yes, it’s very natural and genuine sometime or the other our system boots up very slowly be it Windows XP / Vista / 3 / 7 / 8. It happens generally because it is not maintained properly and is overused. Since the hard disk uses a circular platter to store files and folders. When we use the same hard disk drive for a long period of time, innumerable file are stored and removed continuously and this leads to more fragmentation of our HDD partitions. This results into a messy file placement order. Some free space remains in between of the used portion and cannot be used by other files and folders. In order to make use of them, a defragment tool is necessary. The older version is Windows XP but still people continue using it.

Though there is a feature to defrag drive but sometimes they too fail to optimize your PC correctly. Thus, you have to make use of some trustworthy defrag tool to carry out Windows XP HDD defragmentation. One such software is defrag disk that can defrag Windows XP hard disk and rearranges the data in an effecient manner. There may also turn out a situation where accessing your external hard drive on your Win XP may take more time.  In this situation one must defrag external hard disk by using this defrag tool. You need to use Deep Defragmentation Mode in case you did not defrag it since a long time. You can read the entire article related to external HDD defragmenter here.

Consider that your Dell laptop boots slowly all of a sudden. Hence in order to improve your system performance you decide to run the defrag tool. But due certain reason an alert pops out stating it was unable to defrag certain type of file and its file name was displayed at the bottom. There are many different type of file type that your Windows tool does not support. In order to defrag or compress the particular files you need to opt for Quick Defragmentation process rather than following the usual Deep Defragmentation process. Using Quick Defragmentation process one can defrag specified file (Photo, Audio, Video and also Program files). This rearranges the data in a contiguous process. Thus, you must immediately defragment Dell Laptop HDD if it takes longer time for users to access files / folders.

When Can You Defrag HDD in Win XP?

Defrag Hard Disk in Win XP after System Error

Sometimes system error occurs if hard disk contains bad sectors or tons of fragmented files. Under such circumstances too you must execute Windows XP HDD defragmentation using a disk defragmenter utility. This tool helps user to defrag Windows XP Hard Disk safely with accuracy. But at the same time make a note to run an error checking tool before running a defrag tool when there is system error.

Does Your System Boots Slow?

Most of the people are not aware of what is defragmentation and how often they should run a defrag tool. If you do not defrag your system’s local storage device, the files that were accommodated in it keeps scattering. Only defrag option is enough to come across such situation. But since many people are unaware, they opt for formatting the drive, instead of defragging it. But that is not enough because as soon as you format and reload the files in it the situation becomes same as before. Hence sometimes defragment after formatting the system’s HDD sometimes plays an important role. For detailed information navigate the URL: http://www.defragdisk.com/after-format.html.

Look at the Features of This Defrag Tool -

With the usage of this defrag tool users can have two options to run it: a) Deep Defragmentation and b) Quick Defragmentation. This tool boosts up the performance of the drive by 100% and thereby rapidly increases the performance of entire computer. One can also preview the analysis report generated prior and after the process. One can perform Windows XP HDD defragmentation effectively by using any of these provided options.

Steps to Install the Software -

Step1: First step is to download the software from this page and launch it on your personal computer / laptop. Then run the tool, and from the main screen select a particular drive and click on the "Analyze" option at the bottom of the screen as shown in Figure 1.

Windows XP HDD Defragmentation - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step2: As the new window pops up, user needs to choose which type of defragmentation they want to run either a "Quick Defragmentation" or a "Deep Defragmentation". Later a defragmentation progress screen is displayed which shows the defragmentation process as shown below in Figure 2.

Windows XP HDD Defragmentation - Defragmentation Progress

Figure 2: Deep Defragmentation

Step3: Based on the defrag mode selection, software starts defragging the drive. Once the process gets over user must click on the button "Next" to start up with the Post Defragmentation Analysis as shown in Figure 3. After this user can proceed further to view the defragmentation status.

Windows XP HDD Defragmentation - Analysis Screen

Figure 3: Analysis Screen

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