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What is Disk Defragmentation?

Defragmentation is a process that is used to reduce the number of drive or disk fragmentation in order to maintain the file system. When we opt for the option to carry out defragmenting hard disk function on our system’s HDD, the process starts on by physically organizing the information or contents that are accommodated within the storage media. Generally we defrag disk drive of our PC / Laptop very rarely and particularly only when we notice that our local machine’s booting performance drops down or the disk drives are performing slow. Another purpose for performing defragmentation is to increase some free space in the drive. Actually when we run a drive defragmentation, it manages some free space that can be used by other new files or folders by managing some compaction method. But, do you know how to defrag hard drive? If not, use this drive defrag software now.

When Defragmentation Might be needed?

There are points, after which user generally opts to perform a defrag disk process in order to maintain the speed of his / her computer. The list includes-

What is Disk Defragmenter?

Disk Defragmenter is a drive defrag software that is used basically to increase the speed of accessing files or folder or even drives by rearranging the data files that are accommodated in the HDD in a way that they occupy continuous storage space. Right now you must be thinking of why to use a defragmenter, when Windows OS has a built-in defragmenter? We are having the proper explanation to your queries. The truth is while performing defragmentation, Windows built-in defrag disk tool does not support all types of file and hence they skip them and above all it do not perform the task accurately. Hence you must switch to a reliable and vital third party tool which stands to your expectations for defrag disk. This application helps you on how to defrag hard drive even after formatting your partition. To know more on how to defragmenting hard disk operation can be done on Windows operating system based computers,click the link and glance the page.

We recently went through a user’s query where he was eager to know that why his Windows inbuilt defrag drive tool is not working properly even after following appropriate step? User tried to defrag his disk using the MS-DOS command by using the below mentioned command, but it was displaying a DOS window where nothing was working. The Cmd path was-

%SystemRoot%\system32\dfrg.msc C:

Henceforth, one must always use a trustworthy application to defrag drive and avoid such horrified situation and to maintain their system in a good condition. Complete details for Windows OS edition’s hard drive defragmentation on Dell laptop can be obtained from the site:


In case you are a Solid State Drive user, you do not have to defrag it since SSD unlike regular drives do not include spinning platter that stores data files.

Advantage of Our Defrag Drive Tool Over Windows Built-in Defragmenter-

Recent Updates-

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Defrag Windows 8 SSD: Are you looking for a tool to defrag Windows 8 SSD hard drive? Then your search ends right here. Defrag Disk software has powerful in-built algorithms to defrag Windows SSD hard drive in less period of time. For further details refer this page:

Guide on how to defrag hard drive:

Step1: First download the software and install it on your personal computer / laptop. Then run the tool, and from the main screen select a particular drive and click on the "Analyze" option at the bottom of the screen as in Figure 1.

Defrag Disk - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step2: From the new window you have to choose which type of defragmentation you want to run either a "Quick Defragmentation" or a "Deep Defragmentation". Later a defragmentation process screen will be displayed that shows the defragmentation process as in Figure 2.

Defrag Disk - Defragmentation Progress

Figure 2: Deep Defragmentation

Step3: Based on the defrag mode selection, the tool starts defragmenting hard disk. Once the process gets done you must click on "Next" button to start up with the Post Defragmentation Analysis as in Figure 3. After this you can proceed further to view the status of the defragmentation process.

Defrag Disk - Analysis Screen

Figure 3: Analysis Screen

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